Frozen Crankset

Here’s the problem - the crankset is frozen onto the bottom bracket shaft.

I stripped the thread out of the crankset when I first tried removing it with my crankset removal tool. Then I doused the frozen bits of the crankset and bottom bracket with oil. Then I pulled, pushed, levered and bashed (with a large rubber mallet) the crankset while it was in the frame. Then I took the bottom bracket and crankset out of the frame in the hope of persuading someone with a chunky gear puller to try to remove it for me.

I seem to recall reading somewhere that a frozen bottom bracket will simply fall out if you heat it with a butane torch. However, I think that should only bind it even more firmly.

If I can’t get a gear puller, or if a gear puller doesn’t work, then the next step is to carefully cut the crankset off the bottom bracket with a hacksaw.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

This will work. The aluminium cranks will expand faster than the steel BB spindle and should release. Chuck the whole lot in the freezer over night before you do it too.

I’ve never tried it, but “ride it off” is as much of a catch cry on FOA as “buy a new bike”.

If you care little for the cranks, as I too cared little for some crappy old shimano cranks once, cut into the crank with an angle grinder in as many places as you can, so that you end up making the crank weaker than a 2 month old baby’s hand. Then you can just pull the spindle from the center as if you were ‘taking candy’ from the aforementioned babies hand.

I have also had to resort to this after stripping the threads and bending back the spider ams. Taking candy from a baby is tempting

What cranks are they- unique and cool?

Look mavic?

^^^ The crankset is the SR Edge crankset you can see in the pictures above. AFAIK, it isn’t unique or cool. It’s just what came with the bike I’m rebuilding. However, I don’t have a spare crankset, I don’t want to destroy this crankset if I can avoid it, and its now become the principle of the thing, dammit!

Justbfucken heat the thing on fire then throw it acros the yard

Had a set of these on my wife’s bike. They aren’t worth the effort. If you’ve already stripped the extraction thread out and its seized onto the BB spindle I would suggest that you cut your losses and toss it. You’ll be able to pick up some 80/90s JIS ST cranks for next to nothing. Time to move on brother.

fknlolz, +1 bin it


I have tried it. It works. The only downside for me was that I found out by accident.

Fuck principles and morals, it’s all about what gets you off quickest.

Yep, those Sr Edge are made of cheese, they’re crap. Have a drive side assemblage same as that in a box somewhere with a partially stripped thread, I think.

You will get them out with a hydraulic press. With a bit of messing about you could use a car jack.
+1 for bin it and move on.

Took 5 weeks of riding everyday for me, and came off when I was 10 miles from home.

Interesting idea, I’m trying to visualise how you’d jig this up?

Under the towbar of the 4WD with the spindle mounted into a short length of pipe.

Mine only took about 7kms. Then i “rode” for about 3kms before we came up with a rescue plan.