Fuji Dream Track

This is my red rocket and its seriously got attitude.
I managed to get a frame set only in new condition then began building it.
I wanted to use mainly pro Keirin parts and the resulting build was
Mirror polished headset bearings.
Hatta R9400 bottom bracket with mirror polished bearings
Dura-Ace 7600 square taper track cranks.
Shimano Limited edition Zen chain ring.
MKS Custom Nuevo track pedals with Toshi double straps
Izumi Model ‘V’ gold track racing chain (NJS)
Dura-Ace 7600 Track hubs laced to Velocity B43 rims with DT Swiss spokes.
Five Gold 8P keirin track saddle
Im thinking about powdercoating the frame in candy apple red.
How does it ride?
Its stiff as with the deep rims and twitchy. Problem is that is spins up and is a bastard to pull up.
Great fun

Fuji Track - a set on Flickr

This photo set should be moved to a “post your parts” section.

No offence, just no photo of the bike.

good point… oops

love that chainring - what ratio are you running?

48/15 or if I flip it 48/14. The chain ring is available at tracksupermarket.com in Osaka. Renee who runs it is an Aussie and they ship here no problem

yeah any pics of the whole bike?

Photos look awesome. Full picture would be nice though haha.

Ahh why didnt someone think of this earlier!