fuji track in melb

anyone knows where i can get one in melb?

all goldcross cycles stores sell fuji track bikes, or should be able to order you in one.

thanks mate

Just thought I’d revive this for moment, has anyone seen the deals on the older model FUJI Track Pro’s that Goldcross cycles has going atmo? In Vic Gardens Richmond I saw an 07 for half price! RRP 1600. And they have a newer one with the integrated post for 1200.

I bought one of the 07’s Just too good a deal.

nice one! i just bought an 07 pro last week, running some gold b43’s on it. so smooth

Kool, I bought mine when i saw the deal. I just couldn’t see a cheaper way to get a good track back for my foray into the velo scene. I’ll be taking it to DISC soon i hope.

Pista Bikes, toorak road

I was in Vic Gardens shop last weekend and spotted a Fuji track, cannot remember model exactly (black & blue) as I was in hurry, but the price was reduced to around $400-$500

They’re talking about the fuji track pro. The Fuji track is considerably cheaper but also a completely different frame/bike

this reply might be out of date but if anyone is still looking urban velocity has them!