Fuji Track Pro 08 and Planet X Track

Finally finished building up a Planet X Track frameset for pursuits. Will cut the rest of the steerer shortly.

The Fuji Track Pro 08 is used for all other events.

Are they coffee’ sold disc’s?
Dual srm’s holly shit

love them fluid discs! set of these came up on ebay maybe a year or two ago. Legit set ups dude!

Bought the fluidisks off ebay from a Melbourne local last year - so probably the set you are thinking of gypsy. Jumped straight in with the buy it now price when I saw them listed.

Just the one Track SRM which is easily swapped between the two bikes dayne. Though do have two more wired units - one on the road bike and TT bike… I have a fc-7710 crankset that will sit in its place when on the other bike. Not sure who owned the Fluidisks prior to the previous owner.

fuaaarrkkkkkkkkkkk. <3 the fluiddisks.

Everything in this thread is awesome.

damn! :cool:

Really like the planet x, curious to hear what you think about it in comparison to the Fuji.

Took the Planet X to Hawthorn velodrome last night for a quick shakedown ride. Felt okay - biggest improvement so far over the Fuji is I can get the aerobars lower. Her maiden IP is this Saturday…

the fluidisk wheels are awesome

Extremely Awesome color and wheels

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