G-20 ride

who’s down for a G-20 themed ride on friday november 14?
thinking 20km out, 20km back, then beers
later start so we finish as close to beer o’clock as possible

I’ll try get out of work for it.

Skids along the fence line?

yeah nah, i’ll be steering well clear of all things g-20

That’s just my stupid sense of humour.
just a casual ride for the BCC public holiday. maybe 10am start at go-between bridge, coro side.
have a fixed-friendly route planned

I can’t get out of work, can do a night ride if all else fails.

Change of plans!
5:30am start at Lifecycle
heading to Samford then up the goat track

This still on glad rappa?

The mountain goat in me is keen for this

Got a text from glad rappa before, this is still on tomorrow, 5.30 at lifecycle!

Baller! See you dudes there…G20 never, bikes forever

40 minutes of bathtime recovery and a glass of red wine done, what a way to geetwenty!

poured a second. come. at. me.

i’m likely to shirtfront tone on putins behalf if this keeps up. or i’ll drown.

Goat Track G20 Ride | DJ GLAD RAPPA

Nice. Could you ride more dave so we get more sweet reports. Ok thanx.


I agree keep Putin ride reports up for those of us who don’t make it.

Haha, had a great time today…thanks for organising gladrappa!

much chest many hair

Spent about five hours of last night’s watch readingyour blog . Cheers for the reads!