Gaint TCX (Cyclos cross bike)

Went to the 2012 Ginat luach last night and was pretty stoked to see they have a CX bike. For rrp of $1899 it seems very good value.

Has anyone got or had a ride of these yet?

Is this the carbon one that pros in Europe are using?

The one above is the same as I saw last night. Was an alloy frame with composite fork.

They kinda snuck the TCX onto the market earlier in the year and didn’t really make much of a thing of it; maybe they will for the 2012 model season. I saw them in at least two shops, plus the erstwhile leader of DDCX is riding one.

The carbon one is a different animal entirely - integrated seat mast, internal cables, all that stuff. Would be cool if Giant offered that as a frameset at least.

Lewis Rattray is riding a giant of some kind and destroying all comers.

I bought one… $1350… Great bike for the dosh, absolutely zero complaints about it. (2012 same as the 2011)

He’d probably do the same on a bike share ride

BTW… a couple of weeks ago I saw CBD Cycles on Bourke / Exhibition had a custom build TCX w/ full Ultegra for something like $1400 or $1450… A steal if you ask me, the bike was set up so nicely.

Well ill check out the frame sizing and fingers crossed our LBS will have a few as demo’s for a quick fang b4 I hand over the $$$.

The bike @ CBD Cycles as a Medium (Giant M, M/L, and L sizing for CXers)… If you don’t get a ride on one and you’re near Maribyrnong or some trail I decide to ride you can take mine for a spin. Barring that, give Craig at Bicycles Inc in South Yarra a bell, he had a few in stock as well.

Yeah yeah sweet thanks for the offer. My LBS Bicycle Workshop in Ringwood said they will have some coming in their first shipment of performance 2012 bikes (about 2 weeks away)

Just thought I would update this. I ended up picking my TCX up in late Dec intime for the holidays. Iv done 4000km’s on it in that time, had a few flats, broke 4 spokes and bent a hanger. Awsome bike.

They are also on special at my LBS atm: Buy TCX 1, Giant, Cyclocross Bike for Sale in Ringwood, VIC