Games night this Saturday 11/2

Since the bikepacking trip is postponed, how about a games afternoon/night at my place on Saturday?
I have aircon and a heap of board and card games to play.
Anyone interested?

Semi interested pending house progress. It would only be night time fir me though… and at the end of spending all day out in the 41 degrees.

Bikepacking trip postponed? What up? Didn’t see anything on FB.

Yeh, didn’t you see it on facebook?
It’s going to be 41 degrees. It’s way too hot for a ‘beginners’ ride and some of the roads and the campsite might be shut if there’s a fire ban

Damn. Was aware of the heat on the WE but didn’t see the cancellation. Just looked for it on FB and can’t find it, but I’m a FB retard.

I was all ready to go. Fuck.

EDIT: took me some fiddling but found the post. Odd that it doesn’t show up as the most recent post automatically.

Sorry man. You know how shit it is to be climbing for 4+ hours in scorching heat.
At least now you’re free to come play games.

Yeah, but Miranda made some plans already, so if I come it’ll just be my sorry ass.

Good call re cancellation though. Maybe I’m gonna have to pitch the tent in the backyard and cook on my newly purchased stove. Oh and drink filtered warm water too.

You can set up in my backyard if you want

This sounds rad but I’ve already organised to go to Sydney now

Anyone able to confirm if they’re coming?

I’m confirming that I’m not coming, soz.