Garmin warning radar - tail light

This actually looks useful, has anyone tried one?

What is the “prevention” aspect of this device? I am not sure what value it brings to my ride to see what is coming up behind me. Does it differentiate between a car that is approaching at a safe lateral distance and one that is going to clean me up?

Things you don’t need to ride a bike

I wouldn’t say it changed my mind, but the article definitely changed my perspective. There does appear to be a lot of love for this device. Although it seems quite specific in its target audience, out in the booney riders.

I do a lot of my riding on empty “country” roads and am quite often shaken up by a vehicle that i didn’t hear approaching (no I don’t listen to music). From that point of view, it would be great. Would I spend $350 to see if it works for me, no way.

Same same, as DCRainmaker mentioned, its only really useful if you are hooking along downhill and wind noise > car noise

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^ how many pieces of gear was he trying out then?

haha. none really. Just had his byo pedals & garmin