Great Brisbane Bike Ride … this Sunday.

Join the once-a-year gang, cycling skills optional.

Meet up at the concrete blocks adjacent the end of the Southbank arbour; Assualt & I are in.

Have you signed up and paid or just going anyway?

we got our rego’s a while ago so Zooke and I will be there.
Her first organised ride on a fixie, so that’ll be fun.
see a few of you there hopefully.

I marshalled at the last one (near Indooroopilly) but this year will be finishing a 400 sometime early Sunday morning in Toowoomba (probably on gears this time). Don’t think I’ll be joining you…

signed up, good citizenship award pending

I’m a definite maybe. Depends on whether there’s any surf to be had on the Goldy.


so what time?
we’re looking at sorting rego around 0630, so maybe meet at the blocks at the QUT end of the goodwill bridge at 0600?
anyways, thats what time we’re going to be there.
so see as many of you turn up i guess.

Who else was there? I was there, but not on Fixed {hides head in shame…}

I really enjoyed myself and even surprised myself with a respectable 29.5kph average over the full route (advertised as 55km, but only 50km’s on my computer and same on a freinds…)

Did anyone get any photo’s around the start? I was in the front row waiting for the off in a plain red jersey.


Fixed turn-outs spotted were Lupine, Brook, Brett, Assualt, rogaine and some adventurer running reportedly 53/13!!

Nice morning for a roll around, “complimentary” t-shirt a little on the chunderous side, no photos from our mob?