GC NoFriends Boxing Day ride


Wife is working Boxing day so if anyone else doesn’t have any friends come for a spin.

Discussed with the resident GCKENT and we reckon Coolie to Currumbin Rock pools…

Who is in…

Tentative yes… think ill be at gc on xmas day - just not sure yet whether ill be staying the night

glass kentzzzzzz

2ish hours 60ish K’s slight up hill out there but rewarding ride back to da GC get brunch at nobbies,

afterwards we can go graf walls and go drifting in the industrial estates

I assume hookers n blow aren’t mentioned on the itinerary cause they’re just a given, yes???

its not a GC ride until you do a few lines of the backside of a well used hooker

Damn, gone on christmas day… have fun. It seems there aren’t many posts on under the gc section… any organised rides soon?

GC kents are lazy and too busy hating on freds

i cant argue with that

if i’m around i’ll be in

please be out of town, I dont want people to think id hang out with a person of your type

Fuck this ride I’m heading to #beachrd

So numbers…

Who’s keen?

Put meeh down I might have another kent tag along

am new to the GC… could be interested in this!

Looks like numbers aren’t u for this… Might do something in or around Bris