Gday all

Gday, this is my first post on this forum so ill introduce myself, names Jack im a 15 year old secondary school student living in Melbourne recently picked up a road frame and chucked a fixed wheel suicide hub type setup, and have been slowly building on my knowledge and upgrading my parts. This is my ride at the moment nothing special on it yet. Im riding 52x16 wich is fairly big but it was either that or 40x16 have a new crankset and chain ring ready :slight_smile: anyway here she is.

Thanks guys

Good start lad, welcome aboard.

52 * 17 is a monster gear. I’ve got a 44 tooth chainring that should suit an old crankset like that, I’ll give it to you for the sake of your knees

Or just put the 40 / 16 on there, and teach yourself to spin! Most important thing you can learn to do, and you still get to go fast!

40/16 is the shiz.

I no longer bob like a fish on a float…

wouldn’t say I’m fast yet tho.

+1 on the 40/16 comments - only need to add that if you’re only running a front brake, the lower gearing will help with learning to skid etc.

Where’s the top tube cover and plethora of spoke cards? :? You need the starter kit…

(old man voice) when I was a lad, the kids getting into stamp collecting got a bag of random stamps to get their collection going. Now I know RFASC (ridin’ fixed ain’t stamp collectin’) but feel free to wade into the ‘spoke cards should only be for bike related events’ firestorm by laminating some random crap and chucking it in yer spokes :slight_smile:

Haha no thanks for the spoke cards and top tube cover, maybe when ive earned some decent spoke cards. Anyway thanks for your comments about the gearing, I thought about changing to 40/16 but prefer the larger gear. I did pick up a shimano 105 crankset brand new from the Brunswick swap meet on the weekend with a 46 T chain ring. Only problem is of course my bottom bracket doesnt fit it so waiting to purchase a new BB then ill chuck the new cranks on! Can anyone recomend where to buy a BB that would suit the new 105 Hollowtech cranks and how much it would be? Im guessing abbotsford. Anyways thanks for the welcome guys. Think I have seen a few of the rides on here cruising around brunswick could I be right?


Was the swap meet last weekend any good?? What was there etc etc… Cheers

I wasnt there for long mate and pretty early, not as many stalls as id have thought but lots of friendly people and managed to grab a few bargains. A few nice old road frames going cheap and then lots of assorted bars,cranks,wheels, and pretty much every other part. Looking foward to the Abottsford one coming up!

Wish i was in Melb!! :x

P.S. wens abbotsfords??.. i am in Melb from 27-30 Nov (fingers crossed its that weekend haha not likely.)

see nothing wrong with 46/16 even

well for flat scandinavian cities maybe :wink:

umm i think its the 22nd but dont quote me on that!.

new cranks, chain ring and bottom bracket installed today, the diffrence is crazy im in love with it :slight_smile: