gday and merry xmas!

hey guys long time lurker.
I recently got a bike off dectangle from these forums, and also got one for my bro (The se lager that was for sale)…
was on my way home today (xmas eve) after doing a bit of last minute shopping, went via chapel st, and managed to get cleaned up by a car doing an illegal u turn into on coming traffic (in the middle of chapel st without looking).

am sure you can imagine being slightly pissed at looking at a bike I’d only just got get raped… she’d pulled into cover the bike lane on the left (double parked), and I went to the middle of the road, and as i came near her, she swung at me… I dont think she could’ve timed it any better if she’d actually want to hit me.

so the frame which didnt have a mark on it is scratched up, both wheels bent, and the seat is stuffed.
if anyones got some stuff they want to get rid of, let me know (her insurance company will be paying :evil:)

merry xmas! sorry for the hideously long post!

Sorry to hear that, you’re uninjured I hope?

Did you get witnesses to the uturn and the assault to strengthen your police report and insurance claim?

Also, go and get some amazing quotes. You could get $2000.

Welcome to the real world. :slight_smile:

any recommendations on best shop to go to? I was thinking either cyclic/iride/abbotsford cycles…

is there anyone in particular i should see?

I wouldn’t try to get stratospheric quotes, as the insurance company will get their own (likely through Goldcross or similar), so if it’s totally out of line you’ll just hurt your cause. It’s not as if you had a rare bike that is hard to source and harder to put a firm value on.

You could get a quote to rebuild the wheels with decent rims/spokes, or just get a full RRP quote for a new SE Lager.

More importantly, if you were injured you should have gone to the doc immediately, if you didn’t and you develop a problem in the future you won’t have a leg to (track)stand on.

Have you lodged a report with the cops and a claim with TAC?

I’d say someone like that; dont get a quote that is absurd, just one that reflects what its gonna cost you to replace your ride.

i spoke with se bikes, and they said take it to goldcross… which i wasnt exactly keen on. unfortunately I’m going os tomoz so it might have to wait til i get back, which is pain coz i wont have anything to get around on when i get back…

as for injuries, I saw a doc pretty much immediately afterwards, as i was around the corner from my family doctor’s house.

I dont want absurd quotes I just want what i had replaced.