GEAR Brisbane 2nd Birthday

Saturday, 29th of January 2011

more details soon…

You needing volunteers for checkpoints??
If so i dont mind giving up sometime.

holy santa claus shit!

same as last year. unmanned checkpoints.

Don’t want to hype this up or anything, but rumors go that there’s a bike to win again…and that the $5 fee isn’t even true…did I hear someone say free drinks afterwards???
Still looking for a host that throws bottles and glasses…

and smashes up the DJ’s decks.

That was one killer after-party though.

1st: Focale 44 Polo bike

2nd: silver Chukker wheel set

3rd prize: Bern Macon helmet

We’ll have some backyard drinks afterwards and then to the Stepinn!
Gear Brisbane

I was actually keen for this, played cricket for hours today and went for a surf this afternoon and my legs were working well. I thought this would be a good work out and good first race! Told my girlfriend, she replied with “We have a wedding this Saturday!”… oh wells maybe Chinese New Gear!

Hope to see y’all tonight at the shop at around 6. Bring your bike and a pen and paper and participate for free in this navigation course. You don’t have to pay anything and there are huge prizes to win for the smartest city mapper. I suggest you follow the roadrules and have your bike equiped according to the law. Participating means riding on your own responsibility. Johnson was so friendly to take this out of my hands (also check his new awesome art blog here) and he Nate put together a fun and easy course that should be doable for everyone.

Afterwards I’ll provide some drinks in Gypsy’s garden (thanks guys!) and for whoever still has some energy left I think we’ll go to the Stepinn.

Gear Brisbane

great ride…thanks Johnson/Eric/Nate/Heal St Hookers…hwaaaa

Congrats vee & brettly

requested a skid from some of you down near barry parade. hope it was a good ride.

Heal street hookers whats been going on since i left.

Good navigation course, good party, some good people.
Happy Birthday Gear, Great work Nate and Johnson!

Thanks all for coming, was a great night!
Thanks to Johnson and Nate for organizing the race and setting the perfect couse.
Congrats to the winners, come collect your prizes!

Happy 2nd birthday gear! Always a big thanks to Erik, also to Johnson and Nate for organizing the event etc.
It was rad to riding around and talking shit post ride.

anyone got any pics ?

Thanks again Johnson/Eric/Nate/Heal St people…re pics, as I suspected the little vid cam I helmet-mounted didn’t cope with the dark. Bit of ok footage early but it’s barely good enough to warrant fiddling around with editing. Will see how I go. Good fun though.

anyone pick up a red knog(white light) from the party sat night?