Gear brisbane - ciocc mockba 80'

Hey guys, If you can keep your eyes peeled for a Ciocc Mockba 80’s as pictured below. We had someone come through the back door of the shop and take a bike and some other gear last night. Bike looks like this…

I guess the family mafia will be a lot worse than FOAmafia if caught - mine would be.

I’ll keep my eye out.

Queensland Police recovered this bike from Cash Converters at Indropilly today & we now have it back in our hands!

Big thanks to the Police who did some digging and found this FOA thread which lead them to giving me a buzz at work.

great news. good to hear a positive theft recovery

wow, awesome!!

obviously a good idea to include any model names etc in the thread title!

all in good nick? Drop by the cashies to see if the other missing items were also traded.