Gear brisbane cycling kit!

Gear Brisbane Cycling Kits are finally complete and on route to the shop! Big thanks to EZYLEE for the design.
We are very stoked with how they turned out. Ready to ship mid-next week!

Jersey: $89.95 S/M/L/XL

Bibs: $104.95 S/M/L/XL

Cap: $34.95

Complete Kit: $210.00

If you are interested in getting any other kit, either come instore or get in contact with us via the email. discounts do not apply to these items

Nice… Nemesis?

Yup, all Nemesis kit.

now shipping

Pics of caps?

Sorry dude been really slack in photos. Will post pics tomorow

Fuck, this is decent looking. I do not need any more kits but I feel compelled to purchase.

Being lazy here… Are there any kits left in medium or large.

Just got a full restock!! Come on in Bergs…

I’ll take an XL of the 3rd picture - presuming it’s a long sleeve skinsuit.

you get the knicks and ill buy you this

Scott is that the because fixie kit

golf clap right there

… “that guy”…

I reckon I could wear that - I wouldn’t even need to be needled up to ride faster! ha!ha

This is what I imagine it would look like

what happened here? did this get “modded”

Maybe the server threw up over itself.

check the cables.