Gear brisbane kits - dealz


Thought i’d run a deal on our shop kit for FOA. Our kit was designed by the one and only Ezylee, the design has been super popular over the last couple of years and its comfy kit!! I’ve got both Nemisis and Ciclista built garments and just depends on what sizing and stock levels I have in each. Both good quality, I upgraded materials and chamois in all our kits.

So here’s the deal…

1 X Jersey
1 X Bibs
1 X Cycling Cap
1 X Socks (short cut not EURO calf)
Shipping Australia Wide

If you want to order and see sizing charts, send an email to me

I’ve got this kit… I love the shizz out of it too!

Can confirm the chamois on these are excellent… Sydney to Gong in it and my ass was thanking Gear every single km down there