GEAR Brisbane Opening Week Celebrations!!!

Alrighty guys, after months of hard work GEAR Brisbane will be opening ( all things going to plan) in the 2nd week of 09 (monday the 12th).

So to celebrate we will be holding a weekend of celebrations on the 16/17/18th of January.

Friday Night will be the Australian Premier of the “council of doom” dvd, followed by a screening of Fast Friday + MASH or Bootleg V2 depending on how tired people are. This will be held in the shop, there will be sponsors, give aways and beverages :wink:. There is even word of Red Bull coming onboard, so we should be stocked up on RB :sunglasses:

Saturday Night we will be holding an alleycat, more details on this in the coming days!

and finally Sunday afternoon Gear will be sponsoring a friendly polo competition, so ya’ll better have your game on!

We would greatly appreciate it if the brisbane fixed gear/urban cycling crew can come out in force to help support a shop that will support you!

Sounds sweet.

I’m free at the moment. So count me in.

Ohhhh yes!
The alleycat news has me pumped :slight_smile:

Shall be at both!

Great news. Your going to have an extremely hard time keeping me away.

ill mend the flyer, but things will kick off around 7pm, beer,giveaways(from rvca as well im told) and a night of fixed movies, what could be better???

also the alleycat will also MEET AT THE SHOP AT 7PM… :slight_smile:

congrats on the opening! i hope i get a chance to check it out while i’m in your country.

The weekend of bike! Count me in for all events (the wife as well)!

Eriks words to em the other night were

:i hope we get soo many people it spills out onto the road, the cops have to come to shut off the road and we get in the papers" :-o

maybe a little optimistic, but lets see if we can go close :sunglasses:

hey eric
good luck with the opening
im still in France until early feb
sounds like a great weekend
post pics of bike polo…damn i cant be there!
all the best

this will be epic!

You gonna be at the store on Monday Erik? Would like to pop by and say hi if you’re around… Fancy picking up a pair of those black Soma double clips if you have some… Also need a coupla rims… Bummed I’ll miss the opening… :[

erik’s still in melb till sunday i think,

he will be in and out of the store all week, hopefully looking to maybe open by the end of the week!


alright guys, its just over a week away!

HOWEVER the shop will hopefully be open some time late this week ( thursday or friday).

the friday night movies and the saturday alleycat will be attended by the RED BULL team, and the alleycat is to be sponsored by MISHKA ! (tee’s and hats) and maybe some products from the shop as prizes as well!

keep updated on the blog

Any of you hipsters going to the Fuck Buttons show at the Powerhouse afterwards? Would be fun to cruise on over there all pumped up on the video and red bull.

I only just read that.

Congratulations Dan!!! I don’t remember you being married last time I saw you.

just a friendly word,


drop in and say hi (to erik) !

hope to see ya’ll next weekend!

Went in at lunch time today, I work nearby and the place is stocked full of goodies!

Great work guys! :smiley:

Went in this afternoon, just before close to pick up an inner tube…

I must say, the shop is looking really nice! Stocked to the brim with great gear, and reasonable prices too!

Thanks Erik, hope to ride with you soon!

Tim. :slight_smile:

Dropped in today to say hi. Met Erik and Kim (lovely cupcakes :-P), bought myself a new t-shirt and just had a general chat. Great to see a fixie shop in Brisbane. I will be back.