Gear Chart - Request for comments

2 Pet hates:

1: Gear calculators - how many ways can you reimplement a * b / c ?
2: Gear tables - numeric entries in a table obscure the real data, and make comparisons near impossible

Soooo… I had a go at a Gear Chart:

Vertical axis is (relative) gear inches by the 27" rule (27 * chainring / cog), horizontal axis is the rear sprocket, plot lines are chainrings - blue are even (as labeled), red are odd.

You can approach it three basic ways:

a: choose a gear ratio and draw a horizontal line
b: choose a rear sprocket and draw a vertical line
c: choose a chainring and follow the curve

Please have a look and let me know if it is useful at all - if so I might try to make it look a little less clunker and change the colours to something nicer…

For a printable - dual purpoze one, try the printabe pdf spoke card version - it’s cheap as free!

Looks good!

However, the lines are hard to follow once you get down to the 16 to 20 cog region.


How often do you change cogs between 17 an 20.

not that often.

More changes between 13-17

Nath, Love the spoke card!!!

hehe… very cool.

Although I’d like to see the back of the spoke card displaying a graph of how much force is required to skid with the appropriate ratios.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

What I’d love, is something like that with an intersecting line showing what combinations you can run with the same length chain, so you can figure out the highest and lowest gear possible.


Lets hand them out at the 6-day…

lats: agreed, but that’s the whole gamut of street-going cogs :wink:

des: i could ditch some of the stupidly low rings, say start with 32 and lengthen the chart vertically. I’m not happy with the line colours, improvement there would help heaps too.

john: already planned after your comment last night :wink:

nath: how about warping the vertical axis to represent knee force :wink: haha

Thanks! will have another go and post here.

I see…reply to everyone but me!!! :evil:


NDF, mate the link to the printable card isn’t working?

Maybe because this thread is 2 years old.

yeah, ok, valid point… but I wants it…

I think this is the one you are after:

Gear chart w/ bad skid spots: [PNG] [PDF]
Gear/Speed/Cadence chart: [PNG] [PDF]

If not, let me know what you need and I’ll re-do it.


Cheers!! AWESOME!

This chart is soooo handy… most used bit in the kit