Gear for long distance fixed riding.

Just getting a wiggle order in preparation for a week long fixed ride down south. Not anything too strenuous, mainly coastal town hopping along the east.

A lot of you have done some miles to know these things (Gypsy?) and was wondering what the best/recommended gear to take is, there’ll be anywhere between 2-5 of us, and no support vehicle (…and no film crew! shocking, i know!)

In terms of bottle cages, bike related clothing, repair/flat stuff/tools.

I dont want to unnecessarily burden our bikes/backpacks so would like to be pretty to the point with what we need.

Estimate is between 50-80 k’s a day.

pm users: prawza / littlewheelsandbig.

i recommend a really waterproof, ie non breathable jacket if you’re going in the rain season. leg warmers and armwarmers, lots of ziplockbags, normal everyday patch/tool kit plus chainbreaker, several links of chain, spare brake pads, zipties and duct tape, 1 bolt and nut of small size 5-6mm?, and a couple of washers, chain lube, entire dry change of clothes, merino t shirts are awesome,

canned beer. cans are much lighter than bottles

I hate riding with backpacks. Between a saddle bag, a frame bag slung under the toptube, butt rockets hanging off the seat and then various lengths of velco for strapping anything else to the frame, I find I can get everything I need for a few days put away somewhere without needing a bag on my back

tubes doubled over and then slung over the shoulder - rambo style - also saves room and makes for speedy changes


woah… shirts lurking outside of the “brisbane” thread?

^trying to look busy here in the office and run the clock up till lunch time

Podcasts if you’re riding solo, but if there’s a group - probably not that essential. I also found having a bike computer pretty good - keeps your mind busy thinking about time/distance/speed - however can also be fairly soul destroying when the distance doesn’t seem to be going anywhere fast.