Gear Ratio: 46/16 v 46/18 or something else

I am having a bit of trouble getting my head around gear ratios, gear inches etc

I am currently riding 46/16 and thinking about changing but don’t know which way to go

I sometimes find when riding on the flat with 46/16 I am not get getting enough drive out of my peddling. I get to a certain speed and can’t go any faster although i want to.

But I don’t want I gear that will be a bitch on hills either.

So I guess I am asking what it is a good all round gear. I like in Sydney not everywhere I ride is flat.

I am asking for feedback on how gear ratios feel when riding and not all the gear ratio math if possible

try this: Rabbit Gear Calculator

you’ll want to riding somewhere from late 68-75 inches.

oh, and

46:17. Good all round gear and gives more evenly distributed skid patches, avoid even:even number combinations. If you want to go faster, pedal faster, or get gears.

Resisted urge to flame.

me too.

as such, /thread.