Just got into the world of Fixe, think it is great. Only problem is that i think my bike is too highly geared for riding around the city (Melbourne). Does anyone have any suggestions on gearing that has worked for them?


What gearing are you on now?

I find something around 70-75 inches is about right for the street, but it really depends on where you ride, how strong and how fit you are.

My mtb is closer to 60 inches.


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Incase you don’t know what 853 means by 70- 75 inches, its a measure of how hard the gear is. The larger the number, the harder the gear

See this link for a method of calculating your gearing easily.

Simple ones that are about 70 inches are a 42/16 (70) or a 48 / 18 (74) 48 / 17 (79)

Hope this helps.


60- = lots of spinning
60-70 = easy to stop/start, a bit spinny, but good for newbies
70-80 = good street gear if you are used to riding a fix, high 70s can be tough if brakeless
80+ = great if you want to go fast, one (or more) brake is pretty much mandatory

Around 75 is pretty much perfect: easy to wind-up at a set of lights, easy (with experience) to stop when brakeless, doesn’t spin out on hills too much and you can stomp it up the hills.

48x18 on 23x700c tyres works for me (brakeless) around Melb.

You’ll find that as you ride more, you’ll get used to the gearing.

Give yourself about a week or two on the same gearing before you decide that its too tough for you.

Ignore above advice if you’re running some insane gearing like 54x14. In which case, you should lower the gearing.


Life begin at 80(inches). 3:1.

Wise man (or so we’re told) once said

Life begin at 80(inches). 3:1.

have have also heard,

Post 90(inches) and you can fly

no you can’t, you can just grumble along, killing yourself to get to a workable cadence. Ride to your strength. Putting a big gear onto your bike is as likely to make you slower as faster. The highest I’ve ever used on the street is 48/15, 84". I would also use this as a starting track gear. It was real fast when I was feeling good, but slow as shit the rest of the time. I’m loving my 42/15 now (~74") on 165 cranks, spinny.

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Thats what i ride now, desperately need to drop it down.