Gears are for Queers! See you guys around

I’ve sold the Fixie.

I’m out. I’ve been a Hipster for a few months now and just don’t find the “Cool” factor of Fixed riding really appealing to me.

So it’s back to commuting and MTB for me.

Thanks for all the chat and advice

See Ewes around.



so does this mean there will be a heap of wheels for sale since the ass is falling out of it?!?!?

i need a wheelset!

Buy my Suntour Superbe/Aero track wheels then :slight_smile:

and on a related topic, i’m now the ashamed owner of my first specialised bike.
the ultimate hipster machine, i present the basic langster.
the welds look like toothpaste squirted out of the tube, the ride is aluminum harsh, and it’s an… interesting geometry, but i’ve set it up as a single speed to help rehab my knees and ankles after too many crashes.
on the plus side, it was really cheap, and the only parts left from the original factory bike are frame and fork, so it’s not so bad.
light, and good for work.

i’ve managed to get the bars/seat/crank set up pretty much the same for the special and the surly, so i’m planning on switching back and forth between them rather than just ride the fixie till my knees hurt then ride a SS for a few days.

Get rid of the fixed gear Lupine and go for this bad-boy

Naah, one of these would be better, saves having to shuffle along with the Zimmer frame, and it looks like it’s moving fast, even when standing still!

HAHA and when peds stop and laugh you can run them over without getting hit yourself, then wipe their body parts off with the wipers!!!

so are beers. straight-edge 4 lyfe!

I’m sure gay people like beer as much as anyone else.