GEFSCO 58cm track bike

Is tear drop and it’s technically “Sugino Aero Mighty - For Tange”

Well there you go. I didn’t realise Sugino did one.

Pretty sure you can use DA ax posts but one type needs a cover to finish it nicely where-as the other type and the Sugnio post is perfectly shaped to the profile.

seat tube lug on the left: Notice no cast binder.

sugino aero mighty post:

and this the DA:
doesn’t have the tear drop point.

this branding:


the other DA AX post. DA ‘600’ AX.

edit: seems there are three DA AX ovalized posts . Thaaaaanks Shimano.

The third type: sleeve also.

^ There were three different ‘profiles’ available for the AX seatpost. The third picture is the less common E-type, I think. There were also B & the more common C, but no D. None are as pointy as that Sugino post though, gonna have to set up an ebay search for one of those bad boys.

The rubber sleeve is next to useless. I use mine, but cover it all with a bit of tyre tube. I don’t know how that dude has managed to ‘flash’ it over the seat tube, mine just jams in the gap between the post and the tube.

^ Yeah I just found out about those others.

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How do you all know it isn’t Reynolds Slipstream tubing?

Same in every way to the small one I had Erle and it was Columbus Air… Same colour and everything