Gemini and Raleigh

hey guys, i just bought these bikes for $60 for the pair.

One of them is a Gemini its running Shimano 600 ( not really sure what it is)
the other is a Raleigh 'Medale, and that’s running Suntour honor (I’m not sure what that is either)

there both in pretty good nick and run pretty well, im thinking of restoring them but im not sure if its worth it?

So what i want to know is,
Are they worth restoring?
how much are they worth?(did i get ripped off)
Around how old are they?

And any other information would be helpful :slight_smile:

thanks guys
(ask for more pics if you need)

$20 the pair.

is that how much there worth?

that’s how much i’ll give you for them.

nah mate, I’m in need of some bikes so fill in some time

The Gemini looks nice. give it a clean and you’ll have a nice road bike. The Raleigh looks like a bit of a clunker.

Shimano 600 is fine. I run that on my roadie and it does the job. $60 for the pair is a good deal.

EDIT: What tubing is the Gemini? Looks like Reynolds sticker on the forks.

its tange tubing. im not really sure what that is.
yeah that Raleigh is alot heaver than the Gemini, and the gemini run’s alot nicer.

Do a google search for Tange tubing. It can be realy good, good, or not so good.

I’ll get you started…

Tange Tubing Catalogs/Manuals

Wouldn’t bother with a restoration. Clean, service, ride.

  • Joel

Gemini made the Club 105 and Club 600 with the respective groupsets on them. IIRC they were Tange Champion or #1 tubesets. Good score.

im pretty stoked with them, both of them just needed a clean, little chain grease and the tyres needed to be pumped.
they look great and ride smooth. worth 30 bux a bike

if you want a frame to come up really nice you can hit it with some No.1 cutting wax (from Repco or the like). You’d be amazed at how they can come up.

Also, if you want to go the whole hog you can buy some metal polish and that will remove any tarnishing on the aluminium components. I bought some stuff called Artisan Metal Polish from Bodyshop car painting supplies in Richmond - Fkn amazing stuff!! - you can use toothpaste but its not nearly as good as this stuff. Its the shizzle.