Gemini World Randonneur Tourer in Brisbane

Sweet condition. I don’t think the owner knows what he has. Looks about 57cm.
MEN’S 21 Speed Enduro Road Bike in Everton Park, QLD | eBay

Waddyamean? I see these World Ran Downer bikes for sale all the time.

Pity it’s one of the later ones with a unicrown fork, and not the more classic lugged

Yeah but the rest of the bike’s quite nice. Unicrown = strong & cheap. These are a production bike, trying to cut costs yada yada.

Qld’ers should be jumping on this. Lotta good bike just waiting on this one.

On it. Still at 0.99. See where it goes?

Indeed. If it was XL/tall guy/DaFrog size I’d be having a look at it and making an offer right now.

I like the model name in the ebay description: “World ran downer”

It dosnt look that big to me? 57ish but if slack it may ride more like 56ish