Gemini World Randonuer 650 b wheels ADL

Beardo’s wet dream

Gemini World Randonuer Touring bicycle 57 cm 650 b wheels | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Morphett Vale Area - Port Noarlunga South

Do 650b wheels need 650b tubes or do people stretch another size onto them? I’ve never seen 650b tubes in a shop, but then again I haven’t really been looking. Also, where does 650b fit into the wheel-size spectrum??

Remember Sheldon?? He has all the answers.

Tire Sizing Systems

Fucken hell lemons, haven’t you learned anything?

Some generations are used to getting things easy or on demand. Not sure why?

I just don’t really care enough to research it BUT APPARENTLY I SHOULD, fuck.

Far out, that is cheap! even without the hoo-ha about 650B, capable bike for net to nothin.
Mangalloy, but who cares when you’re just truckin about?

Closer to 26" than 650c.

where do you monkey’s get your info??

How is 650b (584mm) closer to 26" (559mm) than 650c (571mm)?

650b is between 650c and 700c (584mm is inbetween 571mm & 622mm)

I’m gonna hazard a guess that this bike isn’t 650b. The paint looks original and I can’t see you getting 38mm of adjustment out of those cantis if it was a 700c frame to begin with.

Nah, it’s a 650b specific frame. Some were built that way. Buyer confirmrd it .

True, they had similar products available with different wheel sizes.

590 mm = 26 x 1 3/8 (E.A.3), 650 A

Well, that’s a game changer then.

der… I meant seller confirmed it.

Drove the hour over to the far flung south coast of Adelaide to grab this today. And despite the sellers assertion that it’s 57 square it was smaller to my eye and my fit. Took it for a ride anyways, and while comfy it was not gonna cut it for long distance work. Overall in good nick, just need a bit of a spit and polish and some better bar/shifter combo than the crap that’s on it now.
Worth the look if you are a local, and he was happy to take an even $200.

If I’d have known you were going for a look I’d have hit you up for a pick, pack and ship.

I don’t need it, etc.

Bummer, would have been happy to, but unfortunately it’s a far flung location from me and I ain’t doin it again. Would have made up for the wasted trip though.