generic street track

I recently built this china generic.
59cm alloy frame,
120mm stem
bontarager mtb bars
generic deep v’s
48t 16t gearing
Its mega budget, tracks OK. not bad for a fly poser street banger under $450 all up.

Wouldnt mind some drops though


Cut your steerer and flip your stem!!!

EDIT: looks like a VISP to me.

What HLC said ^^^

And take a couple of links out of your chain, to bring the rear wheel in more :slight_smile:

Really nice photography - blue sky and water look real inviting.

Nah… I’d say it’s one of these Track Fixie Road Bike Frame with Fork White 59cm (eBay item 160512160824 end time 28-Dec-10 15:24:56 AEDST) : Sport

Creole Did you have any probs or need to mod anything to fit a 120mm hub into the 115mm rear spacing they state on the listing.
These frames would be a cheap optin for a shitter sticker bike.

which is a VISP, unless there is another company out there making rip off VISPs, which are in turn a rip off of Leader/Hillbrick/Fuji etc depending on which model… which would be pretty funny

Seat angle is poo
Grips and bar ends
That rear hub will strip, so get a front brake
and where was the photo taken? Don’t wanna be the cheap dodgy cvnt who lives in a caravan and judges folks who have nicer places than him, but damn, if you and I had the same roof over head/bike under self $ ratio, you’d have the ‘mintest’ bike ever.

Sure about that?
Yes they have all the hallmarks of a visp, but the rear dropouts are different, cage mounts on DT.These frames are more leader like to my eye.
I just don’t get the 115mm rear spacing.
Maybe they are a manufacturers run of frames for a label that got fucked up and now they are shifting them via cyclingdeal


Yeh its a china generic frame. can be picked up from any china source v cheap. _$120-170 depending where you look.
Its not a VISP. but yeah a rip of visp/fuji lol. The paint is significantly thicker than a Visp. Its very HD powder coating. I scratched the fk out of it mounting it in my ferrari, and it did not go to bare metal (balsa wood , whatever its made from). And i know paints.

I dont like the welds though, and am mad keen on testing this kant out.
if it falls appart, and pops welds, i will post results. … injury pics :slight_smile:

Yeh i was actually thinking of platinum coating my bike and then re plating it in GOLD, then moar diamonds to match my Maserati and my yatch. LOL. imagine that.

Yeh ive stripped cheap hubs before, so its ok, you dont have to tell me about it dad.

Yeh sorry it doesnt fit most peoples internet rating, um… yeah too bad huh.

But dont worry, it has grips, and everything altered. That pic was when it was chucked together.

Also i duno why i would cut the steerer, im 6ft 4", 89kg. I prefer the ergo’s.

Aesthetics. Derrrrr.

This thread got pretty shit pretty quick…

Nice clean generic street track build.


Great looking bike, and awesome location to shoot it.

Love it


Appreciate the banter. Probably the best on here for awhile. Keep it up creole.