Genesis bikes (Brisbane)

Has anyone heard of them?
This just popped up on BNA and it’s my size BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - (SYD) Genesis hand-made frame single speed. I’m thinking it might be a half decent replacement for my gaspipe Univega, but I’ve never heard of the brand.

once we’ve figured that out, can we talk about these - Equilibrium Ti | Genesis Bikes - I’ve got a mate in the uk lookin at em…

sorry adz. I reckon for $275 it’s probably worth a crack… but keep in mind you’ll need to spend another $25 or so replacing that chain!!

gold coast brand. pretty sure i added some other info on bna on a thread in the retro section.
can’t remember the builder…

I would much prefer that

Yeh the price is damn good. I was planning to swap parts over from the current frame and bin the chain.

Thanks munga; found it BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Mystery Frame…870s? 90s? Any good?
The pics there show the frame is no where near as good as in the for sale thread. lots of scratches and chips and the welds are so-so.

Thanks for your help

I worked there for a while, on The Goldie in the mid 90’s. Stuart was the frame builder , and a very good one too. Still have the frame he let me have. The geometry is spot on, and the build quality excellent. He never made any forks, chances are they will have threaded 1". He started making some mtb frames, but the main stock frames were a rather nice road frame in 7005 tubing.
I’ll post a scan of one of the business cards when I find it.
oh and still have the genesis frame, it’s in the UK set up with 9’speed stuff for hen I’m over there. He also made quite a few track frames, similar design deepish section down tubes , mostly the ones I saw were in the smaller sizes. Would have stopped msking then on the Coast by 1997?