geoff scot clamont columbus/ campagnolo

may some one please tell me some info on this frame? like price just generall info?


Are you buying or selling? I’ll give you $70 for it;) Seriously though, I’m no help, it’s lovely frame, and keep your eye out for the inevitable “build it as a roadie maaaaaaaaaan” posts.

haha i just bought it for 77 haha so no thank you going to keep this baby as long as i can

No shit? That’s a great price! You’ve done very well on a rad frame.

All I know is Clamont is Clarence St Cyclery’s (Sydney) in-house brand. Geoff Scott and others built their frames. From what I know they’re pretty damn good.
Put gears on it!!!11!1!!!

haha thanks, ah yeah i was thinking of taking it over there to see what they think, haha why should i put gears on it?

It’s half a joke about not converting road frames… The only advice I’d give and I’m sure user AZZ would give, is build it as you like, but don’t go grinding off braze-ons/cold setting the rear end as you may want to build it as a geared bike down the track.

haha no way im going to grind anything off, just going to leave it how i bought it haha

this is an excellent idea.

thought so haha

i wasn’t joking.

alright i will take it there once i get time