get on it SA ers!

Colnago 1990 Road Racer | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Region - Salisbury Area


How much and how old did it actually look?

Justdave grabbed it I believe.

Yup, 58cm(perfect for me). Purchased new in 90 by the owner and ridden for 18 months before being shelved due to a persistent neck injury. original and unmolested. Open 4cd rims, 3t bars and stem, rest is campy. Not sure what spec as I’'m new to campy, but it’s DT shifters indexed and six speed. Needs a full pulldown service, new cables and chain from a quick look over. I’ll put up some pics over weekend if anyone wants to ID it for me.

Brief Velobase search, and I think it may be C record 2nd gen.

Niiiice post pics yo

A bit more internerd research and it appears to be a 88 super sprint frame, with C record 2nd gen running gear.

Pretty happy with my pickup. Tidy but needs work.


I ain’t flippin this one.

He meant, what did you pay. How big of a bargain?

so you like noodly old steel if it has nice branding…

Yup… I’m that shallow. Labelling/branding, whatever is fashionably in. At least now I can purchase a heap of Colnago and Campagnolo Tees, and cycling caps and wear them legit.

Nah… really???

FKN big Bargain

you get it for less than they were askin?

Didn’t realise it was a FKN big deal if you weren’t flipping. Whatever.

Sounds the goods.
english or italian down stairs?
If anyone can beat Dave to a bargain they’re gonna earn it (early riser/flexi time and throws down on everything)!

Awww… c’mon man… don’t be so sensetive , this is FOA ya know.(wink)

Yep picked it up for $370 (big grin)