Get Paid To Ride (in Melbourne Presumably?)

Hey Guys,

oOh!Media are currently looking for ladies who are 25+ to work on a campaign that will commence this Friday 30.10.09 the campaign will be running for the next month every Friday Saturday and Sunday. Pay rate $27.00 per hour.

If interested you will be brand ambassadors for a specfic european beer brand and you will ride around the streets handing out free beer cards to a specific demographic. If you are interested and would like more information. Please email myself a picture and resume to

It is a very laid back chilled campaign that will be paired up with other means of advertising to create an overall experience.




If anyone does this can they please give all the beer cards to me. :smiley:

yeah - I hope I’m in the ‘specific demographic’

For $27 p/hr, I’ll put on a dress, ride down and collect some free beer cards off you.


hey chaz, your blog is kinda rad!

haha +1

Great work if you can get it.

what beer?

ah shucks, thanks. :roll:
actually - if I invested as much time into uni and riding as I do that blog I’d probably be an Olympic-architect-cyclist by now.

Yeah. Your blog is fucking rad.

Added to my daily blog read.

Who cares? It’s the best beer in the world…free! :lol:

Who cares? It’s the best beer in the world…free! :lol

i’de knock back a free toheys red

How fucking obnoxious. Tell us what the beer is so I can never buy it.

“brand ambassadors” pffft!

agreed. Mine is shit and wordy and not funny.

words?! screw that! - it’s heaps easier just stealing stuff from ianhumans blog.

No, thank you Adrian. Email sent!

Hi Adrian,

Maybe you could go eat a sack of cocks, instead of selling fancy european beer with sexualisim and fad-of-the-week cycling imagery?


Gold spud, gold.

I love you Spud. Forever.

dont tempt his fancies