Get rid of it... and/or... Bring it back!

Get rid of it: Halloween

Bring it back: Free entry to the cricket after Tea

Get rid of it: UCI minimum weight limit on bikes (maybe just lower it a little)

Bring it back: Big Kev’s goo remover

Get rid of it: Melbourne CBD “Copenhagen Style” bike lanes.

Bring it back: “You can’t do that on Television”. Best Canadian TV show ever.

Get rid of : Gee 10+15-5
Bring back : watching cricket from the hill…with an esky.

Get rid of it: Stupidity

Bring it back: Manners

Get rid of it: Abbott

Bring it Back: Whitlam

You saying a dead guy would still be a better PM than Abbott?

Get rid of it: Politicial correctness

Bring it back: Common sense

I don’t wanna speak for him, but, yes.

GROI - reality tv & every other “lowest common denominator” crap imported from the US.

BIB - phone batteries that last a full day or more.

GROI- freewheeling


GROI - politics

BIB - roller hockey, with full range of NHL team sticks at kmart

GROI - aids
BIB - petrol at 70c/L

Groi: justin Bieber
Bib: UB40 actually just all dance hall and Reggae

GROI: - Massive supermarkets that are full of junk food and who screw the local producers.

Bring it Back: local strip shopping centres that you could walk to with a butcher and fruit & veggie shops

Beat me to it! Can’t bring back Whitlam, but how about Gillard? She wasn’t given enough of a chance, IMO.

GROI - Cold rainy Melbourne days
BiB - Yesterday

Agree. GRO shopping malls. Fuckin hate them. They stress me out, and they’re all the same, with the same crap shops and the same crap crowds.

BIB: Being a student bum, free to skip class and ride all day.

haha was gonna say the same thing!

I like how sensible this is. I think the least I ever paid was 57c/L.