getting cable holders etc off old road bike??

If i bought an old steel road bike to turn into a fixie, and i angle-grinded or cut off the little metal clips that held on gear + rear brake cables etc, how could i smooth them over so you couldn’t see that they’d been there?

know what i mean??

i just want a plain frame without all the extra crap little metal bits that held on various cables etc.
Is there a ‘right’ way of getting those things off an old frame?

Angle grinder :?
Dude I don’t think we need to bring out the power tools just yet.
Try a hack saw and a file to smooooooooooth things down.
If that doesn’t work then you are not doing it properly.
Cut cut cut. file file file.

time is money. angle grinder is your friend. i’ve done a few frames now and they are perfect. I will post pics up in a few days of one i’ve just grinded. I had to get rid of cable inlays in the top tube.

Isn’t this meant to be in the “Help” forum?

Anyway to answer your question, hacksaw, file, fine grit sandpaper. Very easy just cut them off with a few mil to spare then file down to the frame and sand.

thanks for the advice everyone

We used an dremel, but that took too long, so we changed to the angle grinder. worked well until we realized we’d made a small ding in the top tube. But was all good, nothing structural, and got them puttied up before it was painted.

If you’re lazy like me, use an angle grinder. If you have time, sand paper :evil:

I reckon fucking it up then having to putty over your hole would take longer than saw + file, right?

And fortunately these bikes will only be NJS walked due to the lack of strucural integrity, between the new holes in the tubes and the overheating due to grinding!

ahh… i dunno. They weren’t holes. Slight dings, couldn’t see them, but you could feel them when you ran your fingers over them. We were getting it painted anyway, and showed the mate the dings, so he applied a little putty the day he sprayed it.

I’m ashamed to say I’m from Briz :evil: :wink:

Show the bike some love. The hacksaw and file route is definitely the best way to go. :slight_smile:

Shut up you muppet haha ashamed. Its not fucking rocket science … or is it. :-P. Grinders are fuking great you just need to use the right head on it. and with a filler primer and a good sand its all schweet. very very clean