Getting Stickers Made!

Hello All,

I want to get some stickers re-made, They’re for a Gipiemme 416 Wheelset. I looked high and low for a set of stickers with no avail. :frowning:

Anyone able to help me out?


OK so I’m going off the picture below as what your after…

Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are you have a couple options.

1: Get the logo re-drawn (I can help ya out)
2: Get any sign shop with a digi machine that can print white and have the art over printed on white on clear media and cut. You will end up with a clear 2mm ish boarder around the whole sticker but it’s pretty cheap and easy.
3:Straight up cut vinyl but you will never get that bird on the wheel with made in italy under it out of cut vinyl! That stuff will be like max 1.5mm thick and if the plotter blade doesn’t eat it weeding it will.
4: Get a screen printer to do a 2 col print onto water slide decal material and get a heap done and put em on ebay. This will be the most expensive way but will produce the best results by far. If your gonna print 1 set you may as well print 25, all the money is in screen and set up on small run stuff.

Hope this helps, Good luck

Yes. Thats the wheels! sorry should of posted a pic!

I want to restore them pretty well. so i would like the stickers to be pretty close to the originals.

If screen printing is the most expensive option how would it roughly cost? assuming i got 25 sheets printed or so?

At a guess I recon a $70 set up fee plus print, plus art, plus materials. I have never sourced that water slide decal material sorry. Guess you might get away with the whole gig for like $100 and have product to move. Lets say you sourced A3 sheets and got a whole wheel set per sheet (pretty safe guess) one sheet is going to cost the same as five sheets! Know what I mean…

The only issue left is cutting them, but due to the nature of the art in this case it would be pretty easy to cut by hand hey!!