Gevenalle Shifters?

Hello FOA, it’s been a long time hasn’t it…

Those Fredish looking Gevenalle shifters (Tektro shifter with barcon tacked on) kind of intrigue me. Does anyone sell them in Aus or should I just buy direct?

Also is there a newer better alternative I should be looking at?


Also is there a newer better alternative I should be looking at?

Integrated brake/shift levers?


This is an incredible return to form H. Welcome back!

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Kumo Keith karries kwantities. He also sells shirts. SHOP — Kumo Cycles

But yeah, don’t get these.

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There it is

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hehe hey HM, hey HMC

I do agree they look quite agricultural, but such a functional idea! They even do 12 speed!

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To close this thread out, I obviously decided NOT to get Gevenelle shifters, instead I’m going full flat bar road bike. Fuck those drop bars and brifters… XTR trigger all the way. I’ll try and post a full build when it’s done. HMC it’s my CAAD8


the forum is still doing god’s work (relentlessly teasing H until he builds an awesome bike). Very excited to see the result.

Sounds sick

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I appreciate that you steered me away from the Gevenalle shifters, in retrospect they look horrible! You know how one can get obsessed with a component

I have no idea what you’re talking about H


yes in the cold hard light of day we can all see the depths of your depravity. But we are back on the shining path now.

edit: also how 2007-pilled is a flat bar road bike. so good.

Bugger, looks like they only sell 11sp varieties of the Gevenalle

I really wanted to combine with Microshift Advent X 10sp 11-48T

I tried to order from the USA but they cancelled my order because their shipping company wouldn’t deliver here

I’ve got ENE Wing Command shifters on another bike and it’s sweet. Changed my perspective of friction shifting