GF long weekend ride suggestions

I’m toying with the idea of a woods point loop on the Grand Final long weekend. From what I can read on the net Woods Point Road sounds ok on a cross/touring bike. I have no idea what Wahlhalla road and the rest is like from the turn off to Woods Point road through to Baw Baw. Below is a link to a route I have mapped out. Theoretically distance sounds pretty easy over 3 days but without knowledge of road quality and with that much elevation I would rather have some idea in advance. Since I’ll be taking the better half along I also need to avoid anything too stupid. Also, I’m not that hardcore either.

Would be taking a tent and mix of panniers/bike packing bags with plenty of food since don’t expect to find much along the way. Any tips or experience would be great. Alternate 3 day ride suggestions within similar distance of Melbourne also welcome!




Planned to ride it with some guys here in 2010 but we bailed on the first morning because of torrential rain. Talking to those who’ve done it say it is VERY up and down, not a cruisy ride. Easier with gears, which those guys didn’t have.

Paging MikeD, and also ask Will at Commuter. They did a route a few years back around there. 400kms over 3 days sounded pretty full on, but they know the area well.

Cheers. Yeah dropped by Commuter but Will wasn’t working. Thinking it might be a bit ambitious.

You’re welcome to join us if you want - maybe a bit more relaxed though?
Day 3 bailout option is riding Warburton to Lilydale on the railtrail, with an out-and-aback loop via Big Pats Creek if you want some extra distance/adventure.

Hey Jim,

the Map my ride page isn’t loading but, if you thinking of riding out to Woods Point from lilydale, then thru to Walhalla and back to Lilydale then your right in that it is doable on a CX bike, the roads are ok from last time I was there but do get corrugated, also yes there is a lot of climbing.

Me an some mates did Warby-Jamison via Big River road, then Jamison-Erica then Erica to Moe via Baw Baw in August last year. The roads around Baw Baw are very steep, although the south face road (gravel from Erica) is really nice.

For an alternative I would suggest:

Day one- ride to a campsite on Big river road (via reefton spur) from Warby or Lilydale, there are plenty of campsites lots will be full of boguns some should be free, it’ll be a tough ~100kms but not ridiculous.

Day Two - Finish riding Big River road* and ride to Eildon for lunch/afternoon beer, then head west to a campsite on Murrindindi Scenic reserve (or at the northern end of the Cathedral ranges if there are spots)

*the northern half of Big River road gets pretty rough -4wd- but its a great road, great views, swim in the river if its hot, easy to navigate.

Day Three- Head south along Murrindindi road to Toolangi and then out to Hurstbridge

That works out at less than 100kms a day still heaps of gravel and climbing but a bit less hectic.

Woods point is great but you kinda have to do 150km big days to fit a good loop into 3 days… plus the pub is booked out.

Also suggest the Gippy Gold Loop with (or without) some extras (like a commute from Bunyip)

Third suggestion which I have ridden that is good is:

1: Train to Marshall/end of the Geelong line, ride into the Otways, camp somewhere in there
2: pickup Mnt Sabine Rd and follow to Forrest
3: ride dirt roads to Gellibrand to pickup the rail trail to Colac.

Its the shortest of the three options (more like ~70kms day maybe) but can extend with side trips down off the ‘spine’ of the otways down to the great ocean road and such.

Thanks Mike. Heaps to work with there. Much appreciated

Also thanks for the invite, Nezumi. Will let you know if we decide to tag along