GF's new whip

Frame: random track frame with Campy drop outs originally from Tassie and was yellow. Bought from off here. Repainted by Spray Ya Bike
Fork: Abbotsford Cycles
Wheels/Hubs: Front Velocity to Phil Wood, Rear H+Son to Phil Wood
Cranks/BB: Sugino
Pedals/Clips/Straps: MKS
Stem/Post: Nitto
Saddle: Fizik Vitese (womens)
Bars/Grips: WBAse, Oury

Her first comment was “So smooth and fast” She is very, very happy to say the least, coming from a Cell Mallet as her first ever bike.

She gets a few comments here and there and is learning how to skid. If you see her say hi.

Cheers Markee

She said she was gonna dump you if you don’t line up the valve stems with the tyre labels :wink:

Seriously though, nice job.

Whooops! LOL

Nice work Markee.
What the frame size?

I think we measured it at edit: 51cm st c-c and 53cm tt c-c

clean - im wondering how different the colour would look in the sun?

I was half expecting to see this:

Nice simple, clean build.

Are those wheels 650C? The headtube looks way too big for a 49cm ST c-c with 700C. Usually they have almost no HT at all.

If they are Markee’s original trick wheels then they could almost be 700s that have become 650s, based on the M-Base rep for destroying things :stuck_out_tongue:

No Blakey they’re not 650 although the wheelset was bought from OH-NAH and it had a 650 front which was stripped and rebuilt with the Deep V by ShifterB.
I will now go home and confirm the exact frame size though! edit 51cm st c-c and 53cm tt c-c

Nik if they were my trick wheels they’d look like Hans ones! All buckled, wobbly and destroyed! I’ve only been through a pair of tyres, 3 sets of plastic pedals and a set of bar ends!

Looks awesome dude, glad my old frame went to a good home!

Cheers mate she loves it! And rides everywhere!

Looks rad.

Nice tidy build.

The W-Base bars and M-Base sticker makes me LOL as well.

Sweet, I think that rear black velocity’s would look as good or better on this build. Did you get the frame painted by the pros or spray it down?



yeah thats awesome. it’s really nice when you can ply your trade or do something like this for a loved one.

On the flip side, well I’m going through a messy separation so I wont be building a bike for her, unless I get a junk frame, throw it at her, and politely suggest, “maybe you should ride one of these, you be skinnier and perhaps less of a gold digging princess that has to drive everywhere in a car you can’t afford.”