Giant Bowery Price

Went into Lygon Cycles today and got quoted a Cash price of 910 for an 09 Gaint Bowery…And 420 for a set of Velocity Deep V’s

Has anyone found a better price??

pretty much standard retail in Aus.

Yeah its a joke. B.Y.O - Build Your Own.

Or check the For Sale Threads and wait for the right bike b’cos as soon as tha Bowery leaves the bike store you will struggle to sell it for $500.


$420 for Deep V’s, might as well get some B43’s XD

Yeah Once upon a time at Goldcross those Lagers were $500. So plus Velocity’s at your LBS and you spent $950 and the bike actually looked good. IMHO the Bowery looks rubbish and there are much better options available.

Get a KHS Flite. They look very clean in the white and only like $800.

i thought they got pushed up over the grand mark? i know they rose heaps when they brought out the new model when there wasn’t much difference then the colour scheme…

this is the khs flite by the way.

Still like $850 @ Gear Brisbane i am 99% sure,

thats cheap, the guy at cecil walker last week told me that they sell them for $600!

Douchebags, B43’s are like 20$ more wholesale. I don’t see why they should be marked up so much.

Nah the $600 wasnt even for B43’s, just regular velocity deep v’s. that place is a rip off

:-o $600 for a set of deep V’s!

jeesus i hope no one buys anything from there! what a rip off!

Are they retarded?

yeah crazy. 400m down the road at BSC the guy quoted me $200 less!

Deep V Wholesale is around $350. I guess its dependent LBS to on how good a customer they are to Velocity.

$350 more like $230