Giant TCR SLR 2

As I said my GF finally convinced me to buy a road bike. I dont want to change my tires on the cross check again and again and its basically set up as my dirt-adventure-go anywhere bike with the gearing to suit my pleasures and so on. I came across the below as I want a cheapish, agressive, agile and nice road bike to ride the stuff on my front door (West Head, Akuna Bay and the likes). Most of my road riding would be a 2hrs training ride after or before work, rides with my girl and the occasional 100k ride. I prefer to ride on dirt but I do have a bike for that. I want something quick, fun and that’s a blast to ride.

What do you think of this one?

TCR SLR 2 (2015) | Giant Bicycles / Giant Bikes | Australia

That’s the first Giant I’m even considering but I want value for money in this case and after all it’s basically a tool.

Buy a CAAD10.

Caad10 is a good bet, I enjoy mine. Check out the 105 model.


Cell Omeo? Ultegra 11 speed!

Best Road Bike Under $2000 Dollars

I wish my wife would convince me to buy a road bike…

Thanks for giving me alternatives guys. The CAAD 10 is certainly a great bike but I’d love to get some opinions on the Giant. I just sat on it and it feels great :wink: Just waiting to take it for spin.

And yes, I have great girlfriend!

If I was in the market for something as you’ve described I’d definitely be considering a Cell. Carbon with Ultegra 11 speed under 2k is nuts, and I’ve actually heard good things about the frames.
CAAD10 is also a good option, but at that price point the 105 is still only 10 speed. Seems a waste to get a brand new bike and not get 11 speed imho.
No idea about the Giant…

I rather ride a Giant than a Cell and I dont want carbon at that price point, but thanks. I also dont really mind if 10 or 11 speed to be honest.

Malvern Star C5 or C6. Great value for money.

how about just a another wheelset with a more suitable casette? im guessing the geo probably isnt what you’re after?

Ive heard/read good things about those alu TCRs, comparable with caad10s apparently.


Not in reference to Marc, but there’s a brand snobbery thing going on WRT to cell. They made a lot of shit bikes for a long time and seem to only recently have got their shit sorted.
I can understand a bit of reticence to make the jump to cell, but as I said, I reckon their new stuff is pretty good. Just recommended a mate’s gf to get the women’s specific lapa (?) and she seems pretty happy with it. Alloy, but with full 105 for $900.

Because I know the brand and trust it. That doesn’t mean I’m passionate about Giant bikes but being from Europe I don’t even know Cell bikes and therefore wouldn’t consider buying one in the price segment I’m looking at. I also like the fact that the frame is proven and tested since a decade now, that their full on road bikes have the same geometry and that I have several Giant dealers around the corner. I’ve never owned a Giant before but many friends have and I have never heard any complaints.

That CELL is good value, also they are smart to make it black decals, doesn’t scream “I have a CELL”, which doesn’t appeal to some people.
Plenty of good second hand bikes for $2000 out there at the moment too.

The Giant does seem to have 105 11 speed and it also comes with the 105 crank set (other than stated on the website). It still seems to be a good deal for me. Kinda like how it looks too.

I have no clue about weight for a road bike and I’m far away from beeing a weight weenie, but is 8kg ok for a stock bike like this?

It’ll be quite a change from your cross check. If the bike handles well, you will ffffflyyyyyy up those hills.

That Cell is an absolute no-brainer.
If it’s not your bag, then I’d try for a CAAD 10. The Giant probably does feel great, but once moving and moving at good speed through corners, the CAAD 10 will feel much better.

Sounds like you already have your heart set on the Giant, so bit of a moot discussion.

Why is that? The tests of the bike say quite the opposite.

If I wanted a new roadie I’d probably consider the Cell, nice spec with room for upgrades at a awesome price point. Frame is going to be the same or better than a chinese carbon which I would be happy to ride anyway.

This, just go for it :slight_smile:

I feel like the difference between most aluminium road bikes amongst major brands is just personal preference and one will not be significantly better than the other.

I agree. Well, for all the bikes in a price point, go for the one that fits the best and looks coolest.