Giant TCX

Anything wrong with this one

and don’t tell me yes its a Giant. I am very happy with my TCR and now need/want a CX bike for having fun, a bit of gravel road touring, a bit of racing and a bit of mountain biking with the wrong bike. My max is $2000 which this one is going for when you look around.

Rate the TCXs hella highly - my TCX Advanced 1 has survived about 3+ years of abuse and adventures. I’m one who loves my bikes but known for being rough on gear and the frame will take a beating. Can’t go wrong with 1x11 and full hydro brakes.

Where are you finding an slr-1 for 2k? May be relevant to my interests.

Sounds good! Thanks!

Bike exchange. The 2018 are out meaning 2017 will be discounted now.

Loved my TCX, only got rid of it to upgrade. Tried to upgrade to newer TCX but couldnt quite find what i wanted in the range. Good bikes IMO

there’s a Focus Mares AL 105 at Good Cycles for $2200 if that’s of interest to others lookin in the same price point…

Daniel do you ride the same frame size on the TCR and the TCX?

Truer words have never been spoken(written)

My TCX is a ML but my new TCR is a M for aero gains. Running a 100/110mm stem on the tcx vs a 130mm on tcr too. The drop on the TCX is good for me with being more upright in mind.

My TCR is a M with a 110mm stem which could be longer but I am unsure about the TCX, what do you think? I am 1.80m with long legs.

I’m about 1.8m too - just go into Giant Sydney or MC Cyclery and have a sit on one - TCX SLR 1 (2019) | bike | Giant Bicycles Australia suggests an ML…

Yep I know, hate these charts. Lunch break sorted but.

Daniel did you have any issues using seat packs with the carbon seat post on the TCX?

Thanks mate!

Not at all, even used one on my TCR and I think Pikey/Genek12 have done the same on their TCRs too i.e. if a lighter bike can take it, a tougher bike can definitely handle it. The seatpost + frame can handle a flying-remount of my 75kg ass in cx racing.

Sounds about awesome. Funny fact, we are not only the same height but also play in the same weight league. I will go for a Medium TCX though. Just because I come from the playful mountainbike side of things and because I don’t want a bigger CX frame than my road frame.

Siick! I land next friday and will have lots of free time for riding for 3 weeks! You’ll have to come on a CX Friday ride…

Sweet and will do. Ordered the bike yesterday and they think it should take about 3 days. Fingers crossed! This one:

Cant wait!

Ive had a TCX since 2011 and it is still going as strong as an ox.
I crimped the seat tube trying to fit a baby seat a year back, but it’s been rock solid since then as well.
Commuting, rail trails etc. Treat it like crap and it has never faltered.

My TCX Advanced 0 from 2014 is still going really well. D-fuse seatpost is great - never any issues. SRAM Red is shite compared to my old DA, will never bother with anything apart from shimano again. Wheelset is the DT Swiss hub rebadged as Giant Pcx 0 which are friggin light (<1400g the set) and as much as I dislike their aesthetics, I can’t fault them, nor justify spending several thousand dollars to get a different pair of wheels that would effectively give me the same thing I have now (in terms of weight and rim width) but look better. The thru axels are nice but the spring inside is stiff as fuck and wheel changes are never lightening fast.