"gif" or "jif".......

turns out it’s a “j” sound.

nah, what would that guy know?!

BBC News - Gif’s inventor says ignore dictionaries and say ‘Jif’

then what do we call

multi-purpose cleaning agent?

was going to post a gif of someone’s mind being blown but instead thought fuck it.

One of my personal faves

Unless we are going to pronounce graphics as jraphics he makes zero sense.

Makes a good point…

I’m all for gif, this is jif…

Ignore him! He is old.


This thread is jay

hahaha. ntbd.

Maybe he’s Latino. Chu know how those guys speak, right?

i’m nacho friend anymore.
i don’t wanna taco bout it either.

Graphics Interlaced Format. So its a “G”

I’ve been saying jif for tears an have been liked at by people who actually own computers, I sy FUCLK THEM you know

and this is a jiraffe

That’s just a fucking ugly stupid horse
With a long neck and tiny horns