girlfriend got hit by a truck

Got a call this morning whist in bed, It was my girlfriend telling me she got hit by a

truck while riding to work and can I driver her, this statement in itself seemed a little

odd so asked where she was and went and picked her up.

There I found her with one witness helping her and no truck in sight, she seemed ok

and told me that she got hit from behind by a truck and can’t remember anything else,

then suddenly her foot started hurting and she couldn’t remember anything else.

So I drove her to the ER at st vinnies, where she kept asking the same set of questions

over and over again every 30 seconds or so, it turns out she has quite severe amnesia

from a knock on the head and a possible broken ankle.

in for 24 hours observation and getting CT scan and xray as we speak.

I just went in to file a police report as the witness got the rego, she has to be there to

file it, but they are tryig to track down the trucky :x

her poor bike is screwed front wheel buckled and rim split down the middle, and the rest

of the bike is rather fucked, which sucks!

anyway she was just about to get the confidence to check out the sugar spokes rides,

so might be a few more weeks :slight_smile: but she’s pretty pumped for it (at least she was

before she forgot the last 6 months) no shit she doesn’t know what we did for new

years or christmas, doesn’t remember anything about exams, pretty full pn si hope she

gets better soon!!

shit, best wishes. hope her head’s alright

fuck, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

and i hope that find that arsehole truckie who did the hit 'n run.

That sucks, i hope they find the cunt. lucky shes ok huh

best wishes, damn glad you’ve got a witness.
she was wearing a helmet?

That’s faaarked :x Hope she makes a speedy recovery.

Are you covered by any insurance?

that’s messed up, hope she’s recovers fast.

where abouts did it happen?

Thanks for good wishes, results came back and her scans came back a negative, she will

be fine and her memory will come back in the next 24 hours apparently.

Docs say the helmet saved her life and by the look of it I’ll agree :slight_smile:

No Insurance except a nurse at the hospital said to make a TAC claim and we should be

able to get her bike back :slight_smile: at any rate, I have just built her up a new bike, so whatever

happens she still has a sweet new ride :slight_smile:

City side of the wellington st and alexandra parade intersection, going along wellington,

truck came from behind just as it gets narrow, so I assume he didn’t see her.

Just to clarify, I don’t think it was a hit and run, I think they stopped and she said she

was ok, but with a mangled bike and grazes and bumps all over you they should have at

leats waited for a few minutes, as I was there in about 5 mins

that’s rough man.
good news about the scans though, hope she’s better soon and you can sort it all out with the truckie

That’s terrible. I always dread getting a phone call like that someday. I hope your Mrs has a speedy recovery and isn’t too shaken up by the whole incident.

Dude, that’s terrible luck, I hope she makes a speedy recovery. Hopefully her new wheelset will be ready soon for her new bike!

Not a call you wanna recieve in the morning…or ever really…

Best of luck with her recovery…

Shite man, sorry to hear that, but I’m glad it was all good news so far.

Hope she has a speedy recovery, and I know all to well what getting a phone call like that can make you feel, bloody horrible.

Fuck that would be a shit call to get!

Great to hear your missus is going to be ok… How the hell are you? That would have shaken me up!

Bit shaken up but her memory is coming back quite nicely, she’s coming home soon, so thats good, and I have built up her new bike which is looking pretty sweet, so nice surprise there :slight_smile:

Now its off to the police and a TAC claim

No doubt your shaken, I am guessing the build took your mind of it!

Lets know how you go with the police and TAC.

Good Luck!