Girlfriend's fixed gear bicycle conversion!

Big shout out to my mate Brent (Wheelworks) for helping me put this together today!

Made up of an old 52cm Repco frame + fork found on hard rubbish, a wheelset I had lying around, and other bits and pieces from the shop. Cost me $170 all up.

Currently running 39:15, nice and spinny! Front brake for safety, of course.
And weighed in at around 11kg…

Comments and criticism appreciated!
Thanks again Brent :wink:

Cool, everything seems to be in place.

Nice screwdriver set?!

“Put this together”, you mean “you worked while I did all the hard shit for you” hehe! The bike is awesome, and goes to show what you can do with a few bits lying around. Had a heap of fun building it dude, I’m suprised we got it done in just over 3 hours, frame bending and all! She’s going to love it!

Front and rear purple Knog Frogs were put on tonight. Can’t wait to teach her how to ride the thing! :stuck_out_tongue:

similar to the bike im building up, mines intentionally more ugly though.

nice colour what paint did u use?

OG :sunglasses:

cute, nice budget build (Y) :slight_smile: