Girlfriends SS

from this…

to this…

ok, so thats the front wheel off my Paconis, she had a flat front tyre that day, she’s running the matching front of the rear!

i would have gone with the original paintjob personally! :slight_smile:


Yeah, original paint job was very cool!

Hey, nice split too… are you on dsk?

cant belive you painted over that.

you would… given your bikes contain liberal amounts of bright colours :wink:

Go shoot yourself for painting over the original glamour paintjob. :-o

That thing was epic

Yeah, I’m sorry, but I’m pretty shocked you painted that too.

If you wanted a plain black frame, surely you could have found something less awesome to destroy to get it.

The final result is nice. Pretty uninspiring, but nice. But it could have been so much more!

What a waste.

Also, why paint over a paintjob that doesn’t have substantial rust, chips or fading?

Do you guys have girlfriends?

I know some of you do and have built bikes for them - if they want the wheels to have pink spokes and rainbow handlebars that’s what they get. It’s not like we have much of a choice.

My guess is she didn’t like the colour so it went.

Understandable, but then why source such an epic frame to change to black? Why not just hunt around for a black frame, or something less flamboyant?

Maybe there is a good reason for this, but maybe not.

i dont know girl who would prefer black over rainbow, no matter how emo they are

shortsie - girl doesn’t need to be emo to want a black frame, not sure what types of chicks you’re knocking about with???

the frame did have substantial fade, and as far as the original paintjob being “AWESOME”, I guess everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

47cm frames don’t come around very often, and cheaply at that so when this one popped up I grabbed it.

Constructive criticism I can accept just like the next guy. People making comments like “go shoot yourself for painting over that…” need really think a bit more before posting comments like that - who knows what the person/people you aim the comment at have been through? Thanks heaps Gypsy.

Thank you el brado for trying to reason with rest.

Why is it everyone else can find tiny track frames for a reasonable price??

Where did you find it?

+1 for an amazing paintjob
what is it though, interested to know

I bought it from Marley, about 6 months ago after some hunting for a tiny frame. I cant recall the frame builder, but it was someone in Sydney I think, mid '90s.

Look through the sarcasim of what i said and my comment was not nearly as bad as any other.You posted a bike your going to get comments good or bad. Its the internet. If you took that literally i apologise, i was merely stating my opinion.



I would like to see more pics of the split if I may?

Gypo ur copping a beating today