Giro Atmos

Since crashing hard in NZ I’m due to buy a new helmet. I want a Giro as I know that they fit my small head quite well. I have (had) a Monza so one of their less pricey once. I really like the look of the Atmos and would love to have more ventilation and less weight as I do use it quite often. I have a different helmet for MTB duties so this one would only be used on the road riding my track bike and on gravel riding my cross bike and of course for touring. Is it worth to spend $200 on a helmet? Is it really that better than their $130 offerings?

PS Wearing a helmet meant I was able to continue touring as my head hit the road multiple times and my gf was freaked out like hell riding behind me. I kissed the helmet afterwards and I would do that again but I guess its days are gone and I should/need/want to replace it.

Yes they are excellent.

Good enough for Lance the man, good enough for me I reckon