Giro della Donna

^ FoA reprazent!

I’ve registered. Time for some Mt Alex repeats.

Oh yeah, registered. Apparently Berty is going to be there, pew pew! Explains the exorbitant entry fee having to cover the shipping of all that transfusion equipment.

^ I reckon the appropriate transfusion equipment wouldn’t be too hard to find in Oz Pinzo. Plus Berty’s more into steaks.

getting a dirty big syringe & injecting all manner of juices into a big piece of steak just gives you plausible deniability

Bump. How’s the training going team?

Seb - are you in?

I’m planning on doing Coburg/Kinglake/Whittlesea/Coburg on Monday if anyone is keen. Roughly 100k’s.

Pinzo - unfortunately I’m out. Too far, two weekends away in a row, too exxy (when you factor in accom/transport from CBR), too much leave already negotiated for this year. Very keen for the future though, I’ll just have to organise this better.

I’ve been lifting… burgers and beers.
Not done anything on the bike outside of commuting.
Feels good man.
Going for sensations.

That’s all you need. You riding the Brompton?

Lacking sufficient sensations for that

fuck me bromptons have nothing to do with sensations!

splitting a black cab and a double decker bus while wearing a bowler hat and a tweed suit on the way to your club for lunch

earl grey sensations


The more I see, the more I think Jamesy knows nothing about sensations.

knowledge does not help sensations.

the only one knowing nothing about sensations is jonno imo

Tested the sensations this weekend.
I’m not gonna lie, it’s not good Joe.
All Zone 2 yesterday - felt ok.
Should have been an utterly benign Mount Pleasant loop today - I feel like my soul was trying to rip itself out through my chest so it could strangle me for not preparing for next weekend.

This is fiiiiiiiiine

sensations sound extremely low imo

Super low

Tackled the Kinglake climb this morning. Went alright, but geez I was hurting through the second half of the ride.

Anyway, now I’m lying on the couch with a recovery ale, so things are looking up.