Giro della Donna

Thought I’d give it a go this year - from all reports it was a good event last year.

Anyone else keen? Anyone do it last year? Not sure if I should be running 23 tyres (apparently there’s a gravel section) or dropping my little ring to 38 (apparently Reefton Spur is brutal.)

Yeah I know I could ride it any day, but I need all the help I can get to do a long ride these days.

Another week for earlybird tix if you want to save 20 bucks.

Reefton spur isn’t that steep, its just looong. So yeah, I’d get the lowest gears you can get easily. Ditto for the largest tyres you can fit.

Yeah, its expensive, but the roads are closed which is cool and that costs a bit.

Thanks for the reminder. Attended last year and will most likely do it again this year. Was well run last year and good vibes. Reefton was okay as it’s first up but lower gears for getting up Donna with 100k’s in the legs was welcome…

Banger of a day; scenic views? Check. Gravel section? Check. Gut busting climb? Check. Fast descents? Check. Closed roads? Check.

I hadn’t done a lot of long rides in the months leading up to the Giro della Donna, so I was a little anxious about tackling Donna Buang for the first time after 100k’s of riding. I tried to keep a bit in reserve during the early stages and felt pretty good for most of the day. The never ending climb up Reefton Spur and onto Deliverance was rewarded with a super-fast descent down to Marysville where we were welcomed with bananas and energy bars.

Feeling I was starting to stiffen up, I headed off towards Acheron Way, which is a magic back road which winds through the forest – super smooth with just the sound of rubber on asphalt and the odd bird call. That turned into a 13k gravel section which had me glad I put the 28’s on. Not particularly difficult, but still enough potholes and loose gravel to keep me on my toes.

A short gravel descent ended with the final climb of the day up Donna Buang. While I started without too much difficulty, the previous 100k’s were starting to take their toll and by the turn off to the summit I was in a world of pain. I just kept turning the pedals and welcomed the sound of cow bells indicating the finish where I laid down in the grass and, like a New Year’s Eve hangover, swore I would never do it again.

The hardest part of the day was picking myself up to descend back into Warburton, but I just let gravity do its thing and before long the beer and pizza flowed freely.

My vintage bike rose to the challenge and didn’t miss a beat all day. Even got some complimentary comments from fellow riders along the way, which was nice. Did pass a dude on a vintage Olmo early on, but apart from that didn’t see a whole lot of steel. (Titanium Baums don’t count.)

Here are some crappy photos:


Nice one, P!N20; sounds and looks like a great day out riding!

Sounds like it was a cracker of a ride. Next time gadget, next time.

Nice one P!nzo! Acheron way is super nice hey

I concur banger of a day. . . leaving home at 5am, was the best. The dude on the OLMO was slaying it.

Mate these are rad.
I’m all in for next year!

TC: disappointed with the lack of dad jokes in Pinzo’s piece

Great post and pics P!n. Thanks. Kudos re taking the pinarello.

Absolutely. As a dude said in front of me, why can’t all rides be like this?

Did you sleep in? :stuck_out_tongue: I was rolling out at 4:30am!

I’m a rolling dad joke, Seb.

Cheers, it was either that or a fixie.

Just got the KOM results - 188th out of 757 with a time of 56:56, pretty happy with that. (The winner managed 42:43, for reference.)

This is me deep in the hurt locker…

Anyone having a crack this year? Pinzo?

I’m keen, but old Bendigo-no-mates is looking for a riding buddy (and maybe a bed to crash on Saturday night!). Will also be rocking a steelie, so not looking to set any speed records.

God, my legs hurt just thinking about it.

Steph and I are in

I’m going to give the gravel ride a crack!

Haven’t registered yet, but at this stage it looks like I’m in. Anxiety levels are high.

I’m considering it. Got the okay from Miranda today, and haven’t had a weekend in Melbs in a long while so that’d be good. Plus I go to Bright the following WE, so good training.