So what cycling specific prescription glasses are the four-eyes out there using? I have optical cover through my private health and am up for a new pair of prescription glasses. Don’t really need sunglasses or normal glasses, so I might try and get some riding ones.

I’ve got some Oakley Crosslinks, with transition lenses. Having some sun protection whilst on the bike was a revelation, especially as I’d never worn sunglasses before (got my first prescription sunglasses at the same time).

Bonus points because the blue arms matched my Saint Cloud kit.

They look pretty good. So did you just buy the frames and then get your optometrist to get prescription lenses for them?

I just use contacts + normal sunnies. Prescription lenses for sunnies are a ripoff.

Since ~2008ish I’ve used prescription photochromatic safety glasses (initially supplied through work) for riding.
my first pair had side shields which looked a little wack, current pair (paid for by me due to not actually requiring them for work) are a wrap around style similar to the oakleys but more wrap i think), standards compliant and no side shields.

Frames are dirt cheap at $30, lenses are more expensive total cost for my current pair was ~$450 from memory (have insurance though) might be a bit cheaper with non safety lenses (safety lenses are polycarb i think and not at all heavy)
i like the increased field of view out of the corners of my eyes compared to conventional glasses and will buy again in future (i’ll keep getting safeties as well cos i do a variety of stupid shit that could end up taking out my eyes)

I’ve been thinking about this lately also. Thinking I will go down the prescription jawbone route. Always liked jawbones and just found out they can do prescription lenses for them.

Did it all through my optometrist (frames as well). OPSM had a buy one get second pair half price deal, so got these and the prescription sunnies. They were also able to process them either side of New Years Eve (picked up the first pair in early Dec, and they just held onto the other pair until the New Year), which meant I could get my full optical claim for each year with my health cover which was another 50% off. Meant the second pair were 75% off (which for prescription sunglasses still only made them barely affordable).

I have a couple pairs of prescription sunnies and I’m usually fully covered by my health insurance for the total cost of them. I’ve never worn contacts and I don’t see myself doing that in the near future.

The other reason I’m looking at cycling specific glasses in my regular glasses fog up as soon as the weather gets a bit cooler and it’s super frustrating. Interchangeable lenses (sun and clear) would be nice too.

Edit: I’ll check out OPSM next week for the frames. Cheers Beaker.

Totally covered? Must be good cover. Most health funds are capped between $150-200 for optometry for the calendar year.

Prescription Oakleys run $600> with Rudy’s being marginally cheaper.

Edit - by Oakleys, I mean their sport ones. The ones beaker posted above are the eyeglasses range. They’ll still fog up. Transitions (imo) don’t work well for other uses, like when you’re looking out a window when driving a car.

Not sure of my coverage. I’d need to check.

Ive got the same pair as Beaker, they are good but still prefer contacts and sunnies on the bike.

man up and get contacts OMG I CANT TOUCH MY EYE! you’ll get over it.

Yeah first time I put in contacts took me 30min PER EYE. After a few weeks the length got progressively shorter, now I can do it in 3secs without a mirror.

That’s not the issue.

Scott from commuter has some prescription transitions lenses in his crossbones-esque frames. pretty sure he got them from the same online place IncompleteStreets gets her cheap glasses from. i remember thinking the price was pretty good.

Which is?? Please :slight_smile:

zenni optical


I had a quick look at some Oakley and Bolle ones today, specifically ones with interchangeable lenses. Not really feeling any of them. I see that Cadence did a collaboration with Spy Optics with some nicer looking frames that seem to tick the boxes. I found an Australian online site selling the same model (not the Cadence collaboration ones) for ~$250 with prescription lenses.

If it ain’t a fixster/cx/retro-mtb endorsed collabo then Zolt don’t want to hear it, yo.