Glitter paint job - backyard style

So after lusting after paint job’s such as Jolan’s Samson and Leon’s Vivalo, i looked for how i could possibly mimic such awesomeness.

Some searching and calling around i found this

Comes in rainbow, red, green, gold and silver.

I figured id test it out first, and prime candidate was the missus’ mixte :sunglasses:

i picked up the rainbow, red and silver, no gold green at the time.

Missus said she wanted silver sparkles, so theres that decision made.

Now, please dont expect anything like the samson or the vivalo, but for a backyard job out of a can, im pretty well pleased with the ‘test’ results.

The missus frame was just a squirts spray can job initally, so nothing real special. I know im suppose to sand down the gloss with a 1200 wet/dry, but i couldnt be farked, and it was the missus’ bike anyway.

So i wiped down any crap of the frame, and laid down the sparkle. Initial thoughts was the spray went down smooth, no clogging or uneven crap. I was going for a light sparkle instead of an intense /glitter/sparkle, so just did the one coat. Let dry and hit it with a few coats of squirts clear gloss.

And the results

well done, nice job

Make sure she doesn’t hear you saying that!

Good work on the paint job though, how many coats did you end up doing?

only 1 coat of sparkle, and 2 coats of clear. Still got about 1/3 of the glitter can left, and it was only a 113gm can.

Sick job man looks rad.

i was a skeptic when i saw the topic, but it really looks great
well done

i reckon that job is fantasmically better than bloody good

whered you get the spray? is it easy to come by?

cheers boys, got the cans from a local wholesaler here in perth after ringing 4 or 5 local craft stores. Funnily they were happy to sell directly instead of telling me their stockists.

Gonna head back and pick up a few more cans and try the green and gold as well, got some schemes in my head i want to try out :sunglasses:

Looks awesome!

Time to give the Europa a “makeover” :wink:

damn, that is a nice job!

looks almost exactly like the khs flite 2010 peppermint green, except with nice glitter texture

very cool

I don’t know about Perth, but I’ve seen those cans in Spotlightin Melbourne, and they had red, silver, green, gold and a pearl. I think they were ~ $12 a can.

Nice work on the paintjob, my girlfriend rides a raleigh mixte that we did up and painted pink last summer (though not nearly so nicely) and she loves it.

What’s the plan for parts? Six speed with friction shifters, fixed, internal geared hub or single speed coaster?

If you’re putting widish tyres on and are going for a retro look, you can get nice schwalbe white walls in 27" or 700c, they look the sweet on a bike of the right era.

cheers boys :wink:

shwab, i had converted this to a singlespeed with a german coaster brake hub (Centrix), the missus wanted something simple and clean. Running gators for the tires.

looks really good considering its a spray can job
may i should do “sparkle” mine up to :smiley:

I think my trispoke is also getting a makeover :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice! Ever since I saw a pearl white Makino with blue flecks in the paint, I’ve wanted to try this. Is it easy to control the concentration of glitter in a certain area?

The particular spray can i used was quite good, smooth, non clogging, even spray, good pressure. Im sure if you wanted to ‘concentrate’ the glitter you could.


on an old BMX,

i used actual glitter and clearcoated it down

didnt work as well as i had hoped, think the clear was slightly murky so the light hitting the glitter was filtered… But it is done a bit with cars.

Thanks for the comment bigbird. I couldn’t agree more. A little helpful information never hurt anybody!