Global gutz 2011 melburn


10am 600 Bourke St(Gresham st)

spread the word

everyone welcome

helpers needed so PM if you can lend a hand.

get ya race face on and get excited

global gutz = best alleycat ever.

also for those that don’t know what Global Gutz is go here Global Gutz

you may also want to check out the 2009 results here:

Global Gutz

make sure it’s a super fast course. minimal big + intersections, lots of merging into roads might help.

Damn, I’ll be in Brisbane. Is there one over there?

2009 Global Gutz was my first ever alleycat. I chrashed.

This year i’ll be on the roadie.

doesn’t appear that anyone’s registered a course for brisie

I’m in. So keen

the coarse is fucking fast, just sayin. bring roadies yall

Can’t wait for this.

as if tom… rock the rack

The one in London last year was sick, cant wait for this

It’s less likely there will be one there (or it will be posted on here) after the debacle of a couple of years ago IIRC.

Having cops make you let your tyres down so you dont ride wasn’t much fun.

This race is seriously awesome… total hammerfest.


SHIIIIIIIIT! - This is my favorite alleycat. Was also one of my first. So much fun - literally 21 km’s with the words ‘faster, faster, faster’ running through my head.

And a 10am start on a Sunday? - that’s gonna make for some ideal traffic conditions.

if i can squeeze it in before soccer then hells yeah.

Helll Yes!!!..2009 GG was the most fun i have ever had on a bike!!! Me, Brendan and Lane battling it out for the whole race…Lane pulled the most impressive moves over Punt road i have ever seen… 8 lanes of traffic all moving fast… me and Brendan look at them and start slowing down thinking that there is no possible way…Lane shouts " Im going for it"…Brendan shouts back " Lane be careful!"…Lane SOMEHOW swerves and ducks and weaves around traffic…horns blowing and brakes squealing…Me and Brendan look on in awe before moving on through the space that Lane has forged out of nowhere…Lane went on to win by a whisker and went down in my books as either one of the most stupid or one of the most heroic people i know…legendary either way…

he was like our noah, parting the red seas. i’m never happy to come second, but god damn, that boy deserved the win.

Wish I could make this my first alleycat back. Bummer dudes. Will be fun as shit.